Eh, Bandwagon, thy bitch is Nacey.   
12:00am 08/08/2003
mood: sick
Fill this out and post it in my comment page. :) And when it says LJ username and stuff - that's your username and stuff, not mine. I know why I got it. I thought I had to fill out other people's info and so I didn't do this for ages but - anyway I'm not confused anymore.

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James Herriot love   
12:06am 08/08/2003
mood: still ill
You know, it's such a shame that I was only 3 when "All Creatures Great and Small" aired. I wish I could see it so badly!!

I'm rereading the first James Herriot novel, "If Only They Could Talk", and I'm just so charmed all over again. The first time I read it, I couldn't believe how fucking funny it was and I was giggling all through it. And I think I fell a little in love with Tristan Farnon!! Now I know I have! *laughs*

Has anyone else read his books? I really love them!
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01:13am 08/08/2003
mood: amused and sick

First off - I love how Jubilee is sort of chunky in a voluptuous healthy woman way. That's the body of a woman that has muscles and can kick arse.

Secondly - look at Worthington and Colossus in the background!! Uhm - gay much?! *LOLOL*
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Oh, I never told you...   
09:14am 08/08/2003
mood: accomplished
Oh... GOD! I sang Cabaret (without the words on the screen, cause I nicked the song off the net) at Karaoke on Tuesday. What an experience!!

It was like, all my soul was put into the song. I felt every word resonate inside of me - it said everything I felt. I don't know how I sounded, but when I did the climax at the end, I shook, I rallied, I sang from the pit of my stomach and looked people in the eye.

The applause wasn't measley either, people were really quite surprised. So, it was a bit of a big show to put on for your regular pub, but by gaw it was - liberating!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that little memory with you guys! I'm doing a mp3 of me singing it, and you'll be able to hear me do a couple of Cabaret songs with all the heart of a real Berlin showgirl. :)
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10:03am 08/08/2003
mood: giggly
I'm sure most of you have seen this, but fuck me it's hilarious:
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11:38pm 08/08/2003
mood: worried
Who's waiting for a Bandwagon icon? I have emberfire on my list... I *know* there's someone else, but i just... GAH! Too much email!!! If you read this, and you're waiting for one, will you *please* let me know? I really want to get all these done and I hate to let people down!
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