12:13pm 06/08/2005
mood: thoughtful
I've been toying with the idea of acquiring/making some kind of mermaid tail and wearing it to the beach.

Crazy-talk, I know, but there's a very solid reason for this. I want to know what it's like to be wearing a tail and lazing on the beach. I want to see people's faces when they walk past, the double take, the HUH? If they talk to me? All the better. I'll need people around to make sure I don't get made advantage of or get drowned in the tide or whatever.

Rubber tails look hideously expensive. Gods. The rubber tails look really - not fishy. You look at a fish tail - it's like, see-through, and gorgeous.

I'll probably end up making a fabric tail that I slip on. Once I'm in the water and wet, it might look a little more convincing. I'm thinking of getting some latex rubber and making fins, and sewing the fins into the costume.

Question is - what colour should I be? I have some black vinyl, but it's faux-leather, and I can set the zip in between fins so people couldn't tell...

Or would I be a better blue-green mermaid? Red? What do you think?

I want the whole thing to cost less than two-hundred dollars. I have to save up for numerous things this year and I'm blowing my clothing pocket-money on this but - I just need to feel what it's like, so much! I need to get inside Amaryllis' head.

Am I mad or what? I don't have the dosh so it's something I'll dream about, I guess. I have some black vinyl now, though... Hmm.
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Dear Linsay Lohan...   
11:39pm 06/08/2005
mood: awake
You know, when you had your curves and sweet red hair, I totally thought you were cute. I really can't stand the skinny thing and I just wish wish *wish* you'd get your old look back. It was so endearing. *sigh*

(You used to remind me of Renee O'Connor).
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