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My Dad is nuts...   
07:34am 21/11/2005
mood: amused
Scotty comes through from the bathroom blowing his nose. He pulls his tissue away and his nose is all red. Dad goes:

"Been sniffing coke, have you?"

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Music question...   
11:29am 21/11/2005
  I have a improptu recording of me singing, my sister playing and my brother soloing "Till There Was You".

Who is interested in hearing it?
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11:29am 21/11/2005
  I LOVE MY CAT!!!  
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EEE! Season finale!!   
07:29pm 21/11/2005
mood: disappointed
First of all - I'm sorry that I haven't got last weeks episode recapped. I've been sort of busy this week (and wrapped up in numb3rs.org) and I just didn't get round to it. And Scotty has been having fun playing the new Star Wars game.

So I've missed the Season Finale Ooh-Aahs, sadly. Even though a good number of people have seen season two eppes eps anyway. I could have been over at numb3rs.org taking part in the hype!! Now it's too late. Damn it.

Oh well. I have much recapping to do. Later!
Random Mum Quote...   
08:07pm 21/11/2005
mood: amused
"Get out of the kitchen you big black bastard!" *begins to wave her arms about and make strange burbling noises*

She really doesn't like blow-flies. LOL!
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08:32pm 21/11/2005
mood: annoyed
Stupid Idol!!! I want to watch Numb3rs! I need my Brothers Eppes kick!!!
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I can't stand it.   
09:10pm 21/11/2005
  The anticipation is KILLING ME!

I can't wait till Idol is over so I can watch NUMB3RS! NEED MY DK FIX!
Tonight's last episode!   
11:13pm 21/11/2005
mood: satisfied
- This episode is SO GAY! In the actual sense of the word!! Let's just have a gay-Don LOVEFEST!
- Oh MAN, Charlie! You can do better than that, and her name is AMITA!!!
- That guest officer guy? DUDE! OPEN YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU SPEAK!! And give the man a LOZENGER! What is with him humping the motherfucking table, man? Bwahahaha.
- Only Charlie can make playing with garden equipment adorable.
- Don and Guest are so crazy in love "Let's run in there without back up - like we use to!"
- Jessica Stein! Lesbians! YES! ... oh. D'oh!
- Last scene was SO ADORABLE!
- Charlie's frightened "Scrabble's missing a piece!" line got a big satisfied happy grin out of my Mum. DK charms even my mother. Go DK.
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