Hitting hard times   
01:03pm 08/06/2006
mood: distressed
I'm finding myself in a conundrum.

I need to talk to Centrelink about my sickness. I need to cancel my Austudy payments. I needed to cancel them about three months ago, really, but I've been both too sick and too emotionally exhausted by the endo to really deal with them. I KNOW they're not going to care.

I'm just so scared by the 'new changes'. It's about two weeks till the term finishes anyway. I'm scared they'll ask questions about my attendance. I'm scared they'll make me pay the money back - but I'm ON that money cause I have no means of making money otherwise.

I'm just so terrified of them. I hate dealing with Centrewank, I really do. But I need the money. UGH. *sighs*
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Dice-A-Roo - is it worth it?   
02:28pm 08/06/2006
mood: chipper
I was wondering if it is anymore, cause a year or two ago I could play it and it'd pay big dividends. These days I can't play five games without losing all of them. Maybe I had a remarkably lucky phase? Who knows.

So I wanted to get down to brass tacks and find out myself if Dice-A-Roo is really as bad as I was making it out to be. If other people could help me by trying this out, it'd be fabulous, cause then I can put all the info together and hopefully get some figures. Here's what I found out from today's session of DAR:

Each session = 50 games.
Number Pet Got Bored At = 41

Lost at Level 1 = 23
Lost at Level 2 = 10
Lost at Level 3 = 3
Lost at Level 4 = 3
Lost at Level 5 = 0
Jackpot = 1

Number of games where items were won = 4
Number of games where more than one item was won = 1 (3 items won)
Number of games lost on first roll = 4
Number of games where level up occurs on first red roll = 5 (Of those, 2 lead to winning items)
Number of games where level up occurs on first blue roll = 1

Neopoints spent in session = 205
Neopoints won:
items = 998
JP = 3000
Total = 3998

Total earnings: 3793


It's pretty fun to map these sort of things. It costs roughly 250 neopets (depending when your pet gets bored) and takes about half an hour to an hour.
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05:03pm 08/06/2006
mood: sore
I have this jabbing pain down one side of my head and neck. It's so weird. It comes out of nowhere and just jab jab jabs and it hurts like hell.

And yes, I do get migraines.
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Mum's so cool...   
05:14pm 08/06/2006
mood: touched
People she's compared me to singing-wise:

- Kate Bush (OMFG)
- Loreena McKennitt

Hah. That's some compliment!
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Hey, you know what?   
05:55pm 08/06/2006
mood: amused
Bob Saget loves you!Collapse )
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New icons!   
07:27pm 08/06/2006
mood: sore

Aaaah. The Muad'Dib one is my favourite. I'm reading the book 'Dune' at the moment for the first time. I know, it's disgraceful that I've not read it yet. I tried when I was ten and all the weird words made my head hurt. (The ones Frank Herbert made up). But I always loved the movie. Now I'm reading the book and seeing the differences, but I still love the movie, mainly because it's a kooky as shit David Lynch product, and that guy just floats my boat with his fucked upness. Plus - Kyle McLachlan anyone? Phwoaaaah!
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